Inspiration: Budding scientist becomes a beacon for South African youngsters interested in electronics


Dintwe Africa Teboho is an Electronics graduate that builds gadgets
that makes understanding technology  easier. He says “In a world where
technology is a crucial part of our lives, it’s fundamental that we
are able to understand it from a young age”.

Upon completing his studies, the laboratory assistant at the Central
University of Technology founded Geek Electronics, a startup company
developing electronic programming kits to promote an interest in
technology among young children.

However, he hopes to unlock the potential of both the youth and older
students in the field of electronics by demonstrating how they can
build gadgets using the tools and basic knowledge of electronics he

He goes on to say “I believe that if kids have an opportunity to play
with robots like the ones that they see on TV, the interest for
electronics will explode”

This man is truly an inspiration and perhaps a wake-up call to many of us to do your bit to inspire the youth of the country.

Click here to read more on this topic

Check Out Dintwe’s Facebook page Geek Electronics Fab Pty – ltd for more info or if you’re into gadgets and electronics


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