Crowdfunding: The Importance of having an Effective Strategy


What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an investment opportunity for large amounts of people to fund a project or idea that is marketed to them through crowd funding channels. A reward-based program is often used whereby “backers” of a project will receive a reward for helping to fund the project. This reward could be in the form of the actual product being funded, a thank you note or even a signed poster of the project team. The choice of reward is determined by the creators of the project.


Why do I need to Advertise my Crowdfunding Project?

The aim of any crowdfunding project is to develop interest in your project, this is often where people fail because they just do not know how to engage with their target audience. About 70% of all crowdfunded projects fail to meet their funding goals, more often than not, this is because of failure to advertise projects effectively. An effective advertising campaign can create a huge buzz around your project, coupled with transparent and open engagement with backers about development progress of the project and a reward system that attracts backers to want to invest, you will truly have a successful crowdfunding project.


How can I advertise my Crowdfunding Project successfully?

While there are many ways to advertise your project, there may be only a few that will truly be effective for your particular project. Making use of every form of advertising is far too costly and time-consuming. The goal is to identify your audience. Your project certainly does not appeal to the entire population of earth, so it is best to find out how to narrow down who your audience is by means of research.

Research is fundamental to the creation of an effective marketing strategy. If you do not have an effective marketing strategy for your particular audience, then you will not be efficient enough.


How can Helm Market Consulting help you reach your Crowdfunding goal?

At Helm Market Consulting, we specialize in strategy. We can help you by creating effective marketing, advertising and fundraising strategies for you and your project. Our strategies are custom-made and are created with the purpose of helping our clients successfully reach their goals.

Be it in Business, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Brand or Fundraising Campaigns, Helm Market Consulting can create an effective strategy for you.


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