About Us

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Our Company

Are you trying to grow your business or brand? Is your target market getting harder to understand? Or maybe you’re a start-up trying to find your target market and build your brand? Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Helm Market Consulting, or HMC for short, is a fully certified and compliant BEE firm which aims to aid and promote the growth of your business by offering services in Market Research, Strategy Formulation, Branding, Digital Marketing, Product Innovation and more. All of these services are executed with a deep market and customer insight, by understanding the minds of competitors and consumers by the means of psyche analysis, consumer behaviorism and market/brand/product research. 

These are just a few of the many fields our personnel are skilled in:

Social Psychology

Psychological Assessment (We understand the minds of the people of South Africa)

Community Psychology (Understanding South African communities, their norms and cultures) 

Consumer Behaviorism (Understanding how decision making and emotions influences consumer buying patterns)

Market Research

Market Forecasting (The prediction and projection of future trends and characteristics in your target market )

Research Methodology (Various data collection methods tailor made for your company’s needs)

Statistics (Quantification of collected data from surveys etc. )   

Research Report Writing (Writing reports detailing our findings that can allow your business to better place your product/service in the market today and help it up drive into the future) 

As a 100% black owned, proudly South African boutique consultancy, we aim to provide our clients with both insightful and specialized advice, which can catapult your business, brand, or product to the next level.


Our Team

Our team at Helm Market Consulting is made up of highly qualified and ambitious personnel. They have postgraduate degrees in the fields of Psychology and Business.  This allows them to not only interpret and read the market from a psychologically analytical viewpoint but to also adapt the gathered data and turn it into effective business solutions for your company.

Our team is also skilled in the actual data collection methods that we use. All data is then quantified in house, by our team, and is then interpreted from a psychological and business perspective simultaneously. This allows us to, for example, quantify research data and then use Psychology to predict the direction a trend (marketing environment) is moving in the market for a given product/service. This is called Market Forecasting. What makes a certain product/service popular? What is making your competitor have the edge in the market place with their product/service? We then help you plot your next move in the marketplace based on data gathered from our research reports.

Our team is proudly South African and being South African business owners , we understand the subjective realities South African businesses operate in. We come with an understanding of the South African People, a country so diverse and often difficult to market products to. We understand diversity as we ourselves are a diverse team of proud and patriotic South Africans.


Charity and Humanitarian Projects

We embrace our Rainbow Nation, its diversity and uniqueness. This helps us strive towards building a better future for all South Africans. However, we acknowledge the scars of South Africa’s past and understand the plight that many South Africans live in poverty today, this is why Helm Market Consulting wants to do its part in Nation Building and helping to improve the lives of historically disadvantaged communities! We plan on working with various Charities/ NGO’s that will provide much needed social development and educational programs to these communities.