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1) What does Helm Market Consulting (HMC) do?

Helm Market Consulting provides to the following:

Small Business/SMMEs (Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises)

New Business/Entrepreneur and Start-up’s


Strategic Planning

Small Business/SMMEs (Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises)

New Business/Entrepreneur and Start-up


Marketing Strategies

Market assessment

Market segmentation

Target Marketing

Go-To Market strategies


Brand Strategies

Brand naming

Re-Branding your business & corporate image


Advertising Strategies

Advertising framework development

Social media strategies


Business Expansion Strategies

Business Plan Development


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2) What makes HMC unique when compared to other Strategic Planners?

Helm Market Consulting integrates aspects of Psychology into its services. This means, we not only understand our client’s needs better but their bigger goals, visions and how best to help them achieve them holistically.



3) How does the process work, from start to finish?

Every client is unique to us, thus our approach is tailor made for each. Although there are a few general processes that are parts of every project. These normally include:

– Sending you a relevant questionnaire based on the service you require. (To understand your basic needs.)

– A consulting team will then be assigned to the project.

– An initial discussion will then take place to clarify your needs.

– We will then need to review information such as your mission statement, current business plan and financials etc.

– There will then be a follow-up discussion in order to further clarify the details including the reviewed materials from the previous process, also discussed will be the scope and fees for the project.

– The various jobs required to achieve the decided upon objectives will then be designated to various consulting team members.

– The team then compiles its findings.

– The draft outline may then be presented to you for review and a further discussion with your team may take place.

– A final draft will then be created by the assigned Strategic Planning team.

– A report will then be created by using the information found in the final draft.  This report will then be reviewed by our team before it is then sent to you.

– At this point you will have received all deliverables from us (findings and other documents etc.)

– We will continue to provide on-going support to you with regard to questions based on the report at no additional charge.


4) How long does it usually take to complete a project?

Projects vary in scope and scale. Bigger projects may take a longer time to complete. Generally, projects may require 3 face to face meetings with your team over a three month period to gather information. In total, it could take between 3 to 12 weeks to fully complete your company’s customised plans. However, this is dependent on various factors such as the level of detail you have provided us, the level of your participation as well as our current workload. Smaller or simpler projects with some clients concluded successfully after just a few days, while others have taken longer due to their complexity. Our business caters to both national and international clients thus we are capable of providing our strategic planning services telephonically or electronically by email. In these scenarios we will require your company to appoint a representative that will be in liaison with Helm Market Consulting.


5) How is a report delivered to my business?

Reports can be sent to your company digitally or you may request for hardcopies to be produced and sent to your company. Helm Market Consulting will then have them delivered to you by our contracted courier company for a fee. In the event that you would require a report to be presented to you face-to-face by a representative of HMC, prior arrangement must be made before a quotation is accepted. Being a company that offers services both locally and internationally, our reports are usually sent digitally with an HMC representative presenting the report telephonically to a client’s representative.


6) What happens once the report/assessment has been delivered to you?

Once the final document has been delivered to you, we will still be available for follow up questions and support at no additional cost.


7) How do you work out the fees and pricing of your services?

At HMC our fees are based on numerous factors that influence the way we do our work. These are namely:

The complexity of your specific needs.

The clarity of the information you have provided us.

Your availability and willingness to assist during the process.

The complexity of the industry your company is based in.

The complexity involved in gathering research based on your industry and consumer market.

If you require a project to be completed urgently (one to three weeks), this will result in a substantially higher fee as we will need to accommodate you depending on our workload.

Considering all of the above factors, projects could cost between a few thousand Rand to hundreds of thousands of Rand.


8) Are you worth the money?

Yes, we think we are and here are a few reasons why you should think so to.

Time is money

We at HMC know that time is money. We work smarter and faster than the competition.

In depth knowledge of the South African market

South Africa is a unique country. In fact, it’s probably one of the most diverse and complex countries in the whole world with regard to its consumer landscape. Helm Market Consulting has a deep knowledge of the people in this country. Apart from our databases containing a wealth of information on various people from different walks of life in South Africa, our consulting teams are also very diverse and knowledgeable of the people, their cultures and their traditions that make up the melting pot of South Africa. We use this knowledge to create our customised strategic plans for your business thus ensuring you’re always one step ahead of the game when using HMC’s services.



Industrial Psychology and Business

Helm Market Consulting aims to deliver clear, actionable plans and advice to our clients, to help them achieve a greater business success. Unlike our competitors however, our consultants are highly skilled in both Industrial Psychology and Business.

Our experience in the fields of Industrial psychology and business allows us to better bridge the understanding and then disseminate this information to both management and your employees thus allowing the entire workforce to work in tandem and with more efficiency to steer the company towards their vision and mission statements. Our strategic planning process also factors in what we call Organizational Ubuntu. We believe businesses work better and smarter when employees at all structures understand their importance in driving the organization towards a common goal.



At HMC we take pride in our professionalism that can be seen in every facet of our business. Be it our premises, website, social media accounts or the work and research that we do and conduct. At HMC we are aware that professionalism cannot merely be learnt, it needs to be groomed, rehearsed and practiced day by day until it is ingrained into the mind. Our stringent checks and overseeing of our project leaders ensure that the work being done meets the professional expectations of our clients expects from us and our brand. All Project leaders perform a quality assurance check on every project done by HMC, ensuring our professional image stays intact.


On-going support of your project

Unlike our competitors, our business relationship does not come to an abrupt end the moment you receive your reports and data from us. Our support continues to be of assistance by being available to answer all your questions pertaining to the reports and documents after we have sent them to you. Not only that, it’s at no additional charge.


Strategic Thinkers

Our teams at HMC consist of highly capable Strategic Thinkers, with that being said, our clients can rest assured knowing that every report is delivered to them with in depth insight and knowledge from the Business and the Industrial Psychology fields. Our Strategic Thinkers at HMC make every effort to provide you with the same exceptional quality work that matches our professionalism.


9) Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we do have a refund policy; however, your initial payment is non-refundable. This is because we would already have allocated resources and time to your project; we may have also turned away other clients in preparation for the period we have allocated for you. However, subsequent payments are treated as a pro rata refund if you wish to terminate the project before the time of the subsequent payment. For example, this means if you are required to make three payments for your project, each covering ten hours of work and if you wish to terminate the project at the fifteenth hour of work, then you will be entitled to a refund of the five hours of work that we did not earn as the initial payment covers the first ten hours of work.


10) Will a non-disclosure agreement be signed?

We will be happy to sign a Bilateral NDA with our clients in order to protect the confidential information of both parties.


11) Where is your business headquartered, and how do you work with clients outside of your area?

HMC is headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa, but being an online focused business, we rely on tools such as email, Skype and the telephone. This means we are actively ready to be of service to both local and international clients. AS a modern 21st century business, most of our work can be done digitally. In fact, we haven’t physically met half our clients. We are also available for support on most popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


12) How can HMC help our business?

HMC is a Strategic Planning Solutions company. This means it’s our job to help you plot the way forward in your business endeavour. Our focus is therefore concentrated on the development of strategies for your business, developing marketing frameworks and Business expansion strategies and other services. Feel free to contact us via social media or email us at Info@HelmMarketConsulting.co.za and our customer care will get back to you as soon as possible!

For a full list of our services, visit http://www.HelmMarketConsulting.co.za and download our HMC Services brochure in PDF format.


13) What are your consultant’s qualifications?

Our team is made up of smart, highly qualified and strategic thinking personnel. Their qualifications span from Post Graduate Degrees in Industrial and Clinical Psychology to various others in Business.

14) Do you have any references to show us?

We will be glad to provide you with references of our past clients if they have allowed us to reference them. Please note references will only be given to clients who we deem are serious about an enquiry in order to help protect our past clients confidentiality.


15) What are your operating hours?

We are open from:

Monday – Friday 8:00am-5:00pm


16) Do you only operate in South Africa?

No, being an online focused and modern 21st century business, most of our work and correspondence can be transmitted digitally and over the internet to clients all over the world. Presenting of reports can be done face-to-face or telephonically through a representative of your company.




17) What social media platforms are you on?

We are actively on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn



18) Can I message HMC any questions on Social Media?

Yes and in many instances it may be one of the fastest ways to receive a response from HMC; however you can also send inquiries to Info@HelmMarketConsulting.co.za


19) What are your banking details?


Bank: ABSA

Branch Code: 632005

Account Number: 4090474340

Please add your invoice number as the reference when making payment.


20) I am based outside of South Africa, how can I make use of HMC?

All our services cater to both local and international clients. This includes information regarding businesses wishing to expand into South Africa. For more information, click here


21) Do you support any charities or causes?

We do support South African based charities. (For more information read our “About Us” section by clicking here)


22) Are you currently hiring?

Helm Market Consulting does not have any permanent job openings at this time, but we are looking for freelance employees who are willing to work part-time and willing to translate our company material and guides into various South African languages. For more information, please email jobs@helmmarketconsulting.co.za for more info


23) What is the origin and meaning of Helm Market Consulting’s name?

We chose the name “Helm” for a multitude of reasons. The most obvious one would be the idiom “Take the helm” meaning to take charge. Another meaning to the name is that “Helm” is in fact the shortened name for the word helmet (armour or protection of the head). This is shown by the armoured knight in our logo. The less obvious meaning hidden in our name is the heavy psychological aspect that we attribute to all of the services we offer. So in this instance, helm refers to the head or mind of our clients and how we aim to help them prepare for battle in this highly competitive business world.